Day: June 14, 2015

Lowfield Street by Steve Keene

On a spring Sunday I found myself in Dartford. I hadn’t planned on being there, but as I made my way into the town I thought I’d take a few photos on my phone. I entered the town from the south, making my way up Lowfield Street. This street was once a busy street, full of shops. Ten or so years ago Tesco went about buying everything up, promising to level the place and build a new store, to reinvigorate the area, bring jobs, regeneration, all that stuff. They recently decided against that plan. So, now Lowfield Street is made up of mainly boarded-up shops and derelict buildings....

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Wisdom Estates

Wisdom Estates are your local Independent Estate Agents who have a real passion for selling homes. They believe in treating all their clients with fairness and honesty, and these are the core values on which they base their business. Based in Dartford, Wisdom Estates are proud to serve the local Community, but it is worth mentioning that they also cover many other areas of London and the South East, as their new property instructions are very often due to personal recommendations from their vendors and buyers. Wisdom Estates are very proud of their consistently growing reputation, which is due...

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Dartford Living Meets……Dave Lane (KFRS)

In the first of a new series, focusing on valued members of the Dartford community, Kelly met Dave Lane, from Dartford Fire Station. Dave, lives in Stone, having grown up in Horton Kirby. He became an on-call (retained) firefighter in 2003 and later joined as a wholetime member of Kent Fire and Rescue Service. Dave explained he had wanted to be a firefighter as a child. “Firefighters were a big part of the community, and I liked that. I did some other jobs after leaving school, and became an on-call firefighter and was lucky enough that an opportunity to join wholetime came up.’ ‘The child in you says, this...

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