Wentworth Primary School is delighted to be part of Reconnect. A KCC led community based programme designed to get Kent’s children and young people back to enjoying the activities and opportunities they took part in before COVID-19. On 26 th May Wentworth held a circus free for primary children in the community in the school grounds. It was an all-human show where family- friendly Cabaret meets razzle -dazzle Chicago! International artists from around the world entertained audiences with a stunning range of aerial and ground acts including some very rarely seen unique performances. The music, costumes, and acts are all set in the years from the roaring 20s to the fabulous 50s. Original comedy is served by the Maitre d’ and Clown-waiter with loads of laughter, together with an exciting fusion of international artists performing enthralling and daredevil acts, so close you feel you can almost touch them. Mr Lewis Pollock Headteacher said “Wentworth Primary wanted to host something that would involve the whole family and community and enable the children to experience something they may not have had the opportunity to do previously and to make the whole family happy. During the day the children were able to experience the set up of the big top and carried out circus related work linked to the curriculum. It was a real pleasure to welcome our friends and families from the local community to our school and to see all the children having so much fun”.