Dartford Aviation Club is an open group in Kent open to anyone interested in becoming a pilot regardless of age. They plan to register as a charity in the coming months.

Their intention is to arm members with strategies and resources for free to achieve their aviation dreams, despite the enormous cost associated with flight training.

The founder of Dartford Aviation Club is a Commercial pilot. He struggled finding his way as he entered this new world, self-funded his entire training and navigated through financial hassle. His desire is to provide the advice he would have loved to find at the time.

The recurring meet-up they organise will gather professionals in the aviation industry, financial advisors, recruiters etc (all volunteers) to provide free guidance and help plan their career path to become pilots.

They also create inspirational content, such as their pilot stories series, interviews of student pilots and Airline Pilots, showcasing the variety of pilot backgrounds and journeys (available on YouTube).

Dartford Aviation Club is hosting its first meet-up on Saturday 11th March, 11:30AM at the Temple Hill Community Centre, Dartford. This charitable event is meant to breakdown the steps on how to become a pilot, and invite participants to attempt a take off and landing on a simulator. More information on their Facebook Page « Dartford Aviation Club ».