Dartford Council is asking residents to respond to a review of the location of polling stations for future elections. 

Local authorities are required by law to divide their borough into polling districts, each of which has a designated polling station. These districts help organise polling at all elections undertaken in the borough.

Among the recommendations is the creation of a new polling district in Ebbsfleet to accommodate the growing number of people moving to the area, as well as changes to the arrangements in Stone.

In some cases temporary polling stations used last May to comply with coronavirus measures could be made permanent, after the facilities were found to be an improvement on the previous offering.

Full details of the proposals were discussed at the General Assembly of the Council on February 28th. The item is available to view here.

The Council would like to hear residents’ thoughts on the proposals, including suggestions for alternative polling stations, where appropriate.

It would also encourage responses from people or organisations who can advise on potential accessibility factors that residents with any type of disability face when they go to the polls.

The consultation closes on May 30th.

Residents can respond via email at community.review@dartford.gov.uk or by writing to the address below:

Dartford Borough Council

Room C1,

Civic Centre,

Home Gardens,


There are no recommendations to change any County, Borough or Parish boundaries. The Boundary Commission is carrying out a national consultation on changes to parliamentary constituencies – see here for more information.