Dartford Council is reminding businesses and local people to check they’re paying the correct bills this Fraud Awareness Week.

During the last financial year, the Counter Fraud Team (CFT) recouped more than £1.3million after investigating missed or suspicious Business Rates and Council Tax bill payments.

Working with the Business Rates Team, Council officers were able to identify businesses which were not registered to pay their fees, as well as companies which were incorrectly receiving any reliefs or allowances.

Investigations enabled the Business Rates Team to issue bills amounting to £1.2million. This will generate additional Business Rates revenues of around £300,000 in future years.

The CFT also worked with the Council Tax Team to identify properties which weren’t registered to pay, as well as taxpayers who were receiving discounts or allowances that they were not entitled to.

These investigations resulted in the Council Tax Team issuing additional bills amounting to £186,000.

The Counter Fraud Team worked throughout the pandemic and can be contacted by business owners and members of the public. They will listen to concerns and can also provide advice and guidance.

International Fraud Awareness Week is a chance to highlight the impact that fraud can have on organisations, and in the case of local authorities, the impact it can have on local services within the community.

Dartford Borough Council Leader Jeremy Kite MBE said: “Making sure we collect the right amount of money is the reason we can keep Council Tax bills low.

“Business Rates and Council Tax bills provide a vital stream of income that help fund the services we all depend on every day.

“We’re all expected to pay our taxes and business rates, but for those who think they are above that, it’s reassuring to know that the Counter Fraud Team will investigate and recoup any money that could have been lost from our local services.”