Dartford faced Aveley at Bericote Powerhouse Princes Park last month. The game saw Billy Terrell feature in our Matchday Programme. For those who missed it, here is the full article:


Young goalkeeper, Billy Terrell, arrived from Premier League outfit Bournemouth’s Under 21 team in January in a loan deal until the end of this season.

His arrival was sparked by the departure of Ryan Sandford (to Crawley Town), and the young shot-stopper has proved to be vital since Tony Burman took the reigns temporarily.

He has made seven starting appearances (at the time of writing), but still awaits that first clean sheet in a Dartford shirt. However, despite the club’s recent struggles, Billy is in a positive and philosophical mood at the time of our discussion over WhatsApp…

“I’m good thank you Chris. I’m enjoying getting the minutes, but just waiting for that win which we all know is coming.” (It did, it came at Dover Athletic.)

Unlike his teammates, Billy is a full-time player under the coaches at Bournemouth. Despite this being beneficial as far as his fitness and wellbeing are concerned, it does mean that the 20-year-old has to do a lot of travelling…

“Yeah Chris, when I’m not playing and training for Dartford, I have to return to the Bournemouth training ground to keep up with it all.”

He continues, “I’ve got the luxury of working out every day, which is a real blessing. By being full-time, it definitely helps with the fitness side of things. It keeps me mentally going, and gives me more and more challenges each day.”

And how does being full-time impact his nutrition and eating habits?

“I like to balance my nutrition mate, because I have a sweet tooth! So, it’s good to have treats every now and then, but nutrition is of course really important. I have high standards to maintain, so it’s definitely something that I take seriously.”

Billy confesses that he hasn’t really got any interests or hobbies outside of the beautiful game. That’s just as well considering that he’s a full-time footballer, as this enables him to remain fully focused on his career of which Dartford has now become a part of.

So, why did he sign for the Darts?

“For me, it was the staff and players around me Chris. They motivated me to sign. I played Dartford at the start of the season (for Dover Athletic on the 28th of August, where the Darts won 2-0)… the fans were brilliant during that game, so it was something that I wanted to be a part of!”

Speaking of which, does Billy have any words for the Dartford faithful?

“Yes, stick with us. We will continue to give our all. I hope to share some good moments with you to the end of the season.”


Faith or Superstition?

I have a weird superstition, where I touch both posts and the crossbar four times before kick-off.

Best Memory?

Saving three penalties in the FA Cup game against Maidstone United.

Biggest Influence In Your Career?

My family. They travel around the country to watch me and I’ll forever be grateful to them.

Best Goal Scored?

The last minute equaliser that I scored against Aston Villa.

Most Underrated Player You’ve Played With?

Ben Greenwood. He’s currently on loan at Eastleigh. He’s the most consistent player I’ve ever played with. He can definitely play higher and is bound to have a great career.

Most Underrated Player You’ve Played Against?

Ewan Clarke, who plays for Bath City now. I was previously teammates with him at Southampton. I’ve never seen anyone keep the ball so much that you just can’t tackle him and, if you do, it ends in a foul!

Biggest Influence In The Dressing Room?

For me, it’s got to be the skipper Luke Coulson. He’s a great captain and role model for the young players.

If you were to be involved with a five-a-side tournament, and had to select the best players you have played against, which five players would you choose?

In goal would be Alex Bass (at AFC Wimbledon). Then Levi Colwill (at Chelsea), Jude Bellingham (at Real Madrid), Sorba Thomas (at Huddersfield Town), and Jamal Musiala (at Bayern Munich).

By Chris Palmer