Saturday’s game against Hungerford Town saw Dartford FC Women’s defender Georgie Davis feature in our matchday programme. For those who missed it, here is the full article:

Georgie Davis is a joy to speak to. The Dartford FC Women defender has a natural ability of making you laugh with her intoxicating sense of humour, yet also has a more serious leadership style to her personality, which brings a sense of calmness to those around her on the pitch.

The 27-year-old versatile left-back has always loved football and is classed as one of the originals here at Bericote Powerhouse Princes Park, “When I was growing up, I always loved football. Dad is a massive Arsenal fan, so it would be rude not to follow in his footsteps! I used to go and watch him play and, at any given opportunity, I’d be kicking a football or wearing my Arsenal kit… even under my wedding outfits!”

Georgie’s love of the sport saw her find a girls’ team when she was just seven years old, and she hasn’t stopped playing since… “I can’t imagine not playing on a Sunday…even on Mother’s Day!”

Since that moment, Georgie ended up playing for London Corinthians since the age of fifteen. During the twelve years since making her debut, she’s taken time out to study at university for a couple of years, before returning to the pitch with Eastbourne Town. She then returned home where, “…there was nowhere else I was going to play other than London Corinthians, which moved over and became Dartford FC Women. I’ve played for the Darts ever since and have loved every minute… I’ve also known some of the girls for years!”

With many years playing for Dartford, Georgie has experienced many highs and lows. But what is her favourite memory so far? “My favourite memory is the goal I scored at Dulwich Hamlet. It was a free-kick, and I smashed it into the top corner from just in front of the half-way line! The final score was 4-2 and I was awarded with the goal of the season.”

7Off the field most of Georgie’s time is spent working. She works for Charlton Athletic Community Trust, where she runs a programme called NCS for 15–17-year-olds. Her tasks include taking them on residential, developing skills that will help them into adult life and help them to make a positive difference in their local communities. No day is the same in her job, which is extremely busy now “…once I’m finished, I enjoy coming home and enjoy a nice cuppa before walking the dog to switch my mind off.”

Her job commitments meant that the off-season was Georgie’s busiest time of the year, “During the summer it was just work, work, work! Outside of football, if I’m not working, then I’m carp fishing with my partner. It’s most definitely peaceful and I’m forever learning. Plus, being outside is a bonus.”

Georgie also likes to travel and discovering new places and new things, “…as there’s so much to see out there…” Ultimately though, hard work is her motto, as she believes that everything happens for a reason and, if you work hard enough, it will show.

Just by listening to her talk and by reading her comments in our chat, it’s clear that Georgie is an extremely dedicated hard worker. Despite work, her off-season was spent training hard in preparation for the season ahead, and she’s one of many who literally runs herself into the ground in order to achieve a positive result on the pitch. Why? Because she believes that, “…now is the time for us to show people what we’re made of. I plan to continue training hard in order to help the team win the league.”

And, being a 2nd Dan Black Belt in Karate, she knows how to succeed. Yet, she also knows where she comes from and who’s always been there supporting her… “My Dad always has and always will be my inspiration on and off the field. His heart is in a good place and he’s forever giving me, and the girls, feedback about our performances. You’ll always know he’s at a game because, he’s the loudest voice on the opposite side of the dugout. He’s also all you can hear on the video highlights! He’s amazing both on and off the field and, even though most of our chats are about football, he’s my go-to guy for anything.”

Looking to the future, Georgie hopes to own her own home and start a family. She confesses that she’d also love to join the Fire Brigade one day, as it’s her lifelong dream job, “…but, of course, I’ll still play football until my body tells me no more!”

It has been a pleasure. But, like all good things, our discussion comes to an end, so I’ll let Georgie have the final word, “Thank you all for coming and supporting us ladies. We really do appreciate it and would continue to be grateful if you can keep coming down and watch us play a decent amount of football!”

By Chris Palmer