Dartford’s Annual Registration Canvass is currently underway and every household has recently received an enquiry form advising who is registered and asking if any changes are needed.

The Council is legally required to contact every household in the Borough and these new larger A3 enquiry forms replace the A4 canvass forms previously sent each year. Following the introduction of Individual Electoral Registration and major elections held in May 2015, some households may have received more communications from the Electoral Services department than in previous years, but it is important that these forms are returned as the Council needs to contact any new residents to complete the registration process.

The Electoral Registration Officer said, “The process of registering has changed this year and many residents don’t realise that just adding their name to the Canvass enquiry form no longer means that they are automatically added to the Register of Electors. Returning the Canvass enquiry form allows us to invite any new residents to complete their registration by sending them an Invitation to Register that they must then complete and return. Many people are going to discover that by failing to take this further step to complete their registration they will be unable to vote at future elections and have difficulty applying for credit.”

Residents who have not already responded to the form are encouraged to do so as soon as possible either online, by text or by post.