The Great Dartford Schools’ Litter Pick is due to take place on Friday 15 March 2024. Of the 31 schools in Dartford, 28 will be taking part, mobilising over 1500 students to actively make a difference in their local community.

This event is in its fifth year and Dartford Borough Council (DBC) and Dartford Science and Technology College (DSTC) continue to work together to build on what has become the largest community litter pick of this nature in the UK.

Teacher and event organiser, Jonathan Dix explained, ‘This is an amazing event and I am thrilled so many schools want to take part.  This is not about clearing up other people’s litter but a real learning opportunity for students about the impact of litter, the environment, teamwork and individual responsibility’..

Joanne Sangster, Principal of DSTC said: ‘I am proud we are able to galvanise so many local schools to be part of such an important event. The Great Dartford Schools’ Litter Pick coincides with Big Plastic Week which is the biggest investigation into plastic waste and an opportunity to convince UK ministers to reduce single-use plastic. This event closes British Science Week so a great end to an exciting week of STEM and sustainability experiences’.

Mr Jeremy Kite MBE, Leader of DBC said, ‘We’re always delighted to support the Great Dartford Schools’ Litter Pick. We’ve been involved from the beginning and seen it grow year after year. Young people are hugely concerned about the environment and the litterpick brings schools together from all across the borough to focus on an issue that can make a real difference to a neighbourhood. Of course, it’s not just about clearing up – it’s also about sending a message that littering is a pretty thoughtless and anti-social activity that can spoil an area for everyone. Not for the first time, young people in Dartford are showing how small actions can make a difference. It’s a real privilege to be involved.” 

The day also coincides with the Keep Britain Tidy Spring Clean which runs from 15th – 31st March 2024.

For more information please email: or call: 01322 224309