New research has revealed Dartford’s most popular experience days.

The study is based on just under 500,000 unique searches on from January 2012 to September 2015. Taking the top spot for Dartford is going out for Afternoon Tea, followed by the chance to fly in a Lancaster Bomber. Rolling around in an inflated plastic bubble – or Zorbing as its known – was the third most popular search term.

Interestingly Dartford is one of the only places in the UK for being a Zoo Keeper for a day to rank highly, in at 4th position. Further down the likes of stunt driving, Jet Lev – which is essentially jetpack on water – and Spa days make an appearance. Below is a breakdown of the report for the top 20 highest searches:


IntoTheBlue, an experience days company who specialise in activity gift vouchers, conducted the research nationwide and also found that Juicing was popular in Aberdeen, as were Singing Lessons in Manchester and Spitfire Flights in London. Tom Hale of the company said ‘Dartford was a surprising result for us, we did not expect Afternoon Tea to be so popular. However, being relatively close to the river we expected water sports to be prevalent in the findings. One thing that is a constant is more and more people are choosing to spend their hard earned money on experiences as opposed to material things, and I think that’s reflected in the fact that most towns and cities returned data.