Ten e-scooters have been seized by officers during a joint event in Dartford.

On Wednesday 29 and Friday 31 May 2024, officers were deployed in the High Street alongside cadets and staff representing Dartford Council.

The teams were there as part of ongoing work to inform the public about the updated Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) in the town.

While there, members of the public were able to talk to them about local issues as well as give their support for their work on tackling e-scooters in the town.

The PSPO has been in place in the town centre since 2017 and was introduced to tackle anti-social behaviour. The order was amended in February this year to include a restriction on riding e-scooters in the main pedestrian area of the town centre.

The order can be enforced by council staff as well as Kent Police officers.

While the constables were in the town centre they seized 10 e-scooters which were seen being ridden illegally.

Kent Police issued six traffic offence reports to some of the riders alongside council staff who issued five fixed penalty notices for breaching the PSPO.

Dartford Community Safety Unit Inspector Lee Cheesman said: ‘It is illegal to use e-scooters in public spaces and not only poses a danger to members of the public but can also cause injury to the rider.

‘Kent Police continues to work with partner agencies to ensure that Dartford remains a safe, pleasant and vibrant town to visit, and we will not tolerate any anti-social behaviour. We will continue to take a robust stance on anyone intent on causing issues in the town.’