The terrible consequences of the fire at Grenfell Tower have shocked us all and our thoughts are with the victims, their families, and those who have had their lives devastated in the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea (RBKC).

Our thoughts are also with the emergency services as they fulfill their extremely difficult, and undoubtedly distressing, task in the coming days and weeks.

As a Council we therefore feel it appropriate to re-assure our tenants and leaseholders that, as a responsible landlord, the Council takes your safety extremely seriously.

Even though Dartford Borough Council does not own or manage any high rise blocks we can state that based on the current information from the scene all cladding/insulation work that we have directly delivered, or overseen, to housing stock in the Borough does not involve systems of the same design, manufacture or materials as fitted at Grenfell Towers. We can also confirm that all materials we have used in such projects have met the relevant fire safety standards in relation to the circumstances in which they have been used.

Our main priority is always of course to prevent fire but we also have processes in place to ensure that means of escape and other fire precautions are kept constantly under review and our officers carry out regular inspections of all our communal blocks. These checks are always undertaken in accordance with statutory Health and Safety legislation and Council policies.

Although advice is given to occupiers, and is always available, we will be reissuing guidance to our tenants and leaseholders that reside in properties with communal areas.

At the moment the emergency services are continuing with the recovery at the site and will in time determine the cause of the horrific fire that has shocked us all but looking ahead, and as responsible landlord and Council, you can be assured that any recommendations that come out of the investigation, that further help to make sure our properties are as safe as possible, will of course be carefully considered.

Donations to support Grenfell Tower

We already know that there has been an overwhelming response to support those involved in the tragic events at the Grenfell towers and now does not need any more food, clothing or other goods.

The best way to support the evacuees from the Grenfell Tower Fire therefore is monetary donations, or by volunteering as the people affected will need on-going support.

To donate your time please contact RBKC by e-mail via

To make a financial donation through the Kensington and Chelsea Foundation, please visit

Dartford Borough Council