When people think about health and fitness, they don’t often think about martial arts.

Yet martial arts, such as karate are a very good way to improve your health and fitness. Going to the gym or 30 minutes on your exercise bike are considered boring by many people, but by learning karate, not only are you learning a valuable life skill, you are getting fitter and healthier without actually realising it.

Also, karate is cheaper than many other sports, you just need a karate suit (gi), your licence/insurance and then pay for your training sessions which are under a tenner.

Karate is not just about self-defence, it can also help in other areas of your life, it can help you to focus and concentrate better, it teaches respect and discipline and you will be working with like-minded people.

You don’t need to get fit to start karate, it doesn’t matter about your height, weight or age, karate is for everyone and you are ready to start as you are. Just wear some loose clothing and come along for a free training session. If you decide it’s not for you, that’s fine, at least you gave it a go.

Yamato Damashii karate club is a family-friendly club and runs adult classes at Becket Sport Centre on Saturday mornings at 11am and also at the Leigh Academy on Wednesday evenings at 7:50 pm, just pop in to any session or contact us for further information.


Email: info@ydma.club

Facebook/X @ydmakarate

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