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Saturday’s game with Worthing saw Dartford FC Women’s striker Nicha Dyett feature in the Matchday Programme.

For those who missed it, here is the full article:

Speaking with Nicha Dyett is like speaking with an old friend. As we settle down in the cool early evening air at Bericote Powerhouse Princes Park to chat, an air of familiarity and calmness can be felt. And when she sits, the fact that she will be training, and training hard, in half an hour isn’t lost on this young 30-year old player as she has her bottle of water to hand.

Last season was a difficult, yet successful one for Nicha and her teammates at Dartford FC Women. Afterall, the side finished runners-up in the league, won the delayed Kent Senior Cup and the League Cup. However, despite netting fourteen goals, Nicha’s season was interrupted by injury.

Naturally, she’s determined to play more consistently this term, and she’s certainly prepared for the challenge ahead after spending the off-season relaxing, sleeping in on Sunday mornings, and spending valuable time with her family and friends when her day job allowed.

Yet Nicha, who actually began her footballing career on the wing before transferring to a more forward role, is under no illusions as to the task that lies ahead. Not only is the league full of difficult opponents, but manager Connor Dymond has four strikers available for selection. Obviously, four into two (or one, depending on tactics) doesn’t go. So Nicha, like her forward line teammates, intends to make the main position her own, stating that “…competition for places is high and we’ve all got the same mentality… we all sulk if we’re sitting on the bench!”

Ultimately though, while personal targets are important, the success of the team is vital. Therefore, she believes they’ll all work together for the common good and, Nicha is certainly up for it as, “I really want this team to be as successful as possible”.

So, how did Nicha get here? Well, despite none of her family being interested in football, Nicha was the exception to the rule. A self-confessed tomboy at heart, she has always liked playing the sport. And, whether it was with boys or girls, she was outside kicking a ball around.

Kicking the ball around eventually lead to a young Nicha turning up for her local side Gravesham. The team got into a five-a-side tournament with Millwall one season, after which Nicha was invited to take part in a trial with the Lionesses. The prospect of some kind of career within the sport was realised, and she signed for the club. The rest, as they say, is history.

With the full support and encouragement of her Mum (who Nicha says is an inspiration for her), Nicha’s career took her onwards to Crystal Palace, Bromley, and now Dartford.

But, what about off the pitch? Does this young lady have a career outside of football? Actually yes. Nicha works for CGL, which is a substance misuse service. She has worked there for seven years and counting, and is the Quality Lead. Having always worked in the area involving youth services, prisons, etc, she loves what she does and, “…to be honest, I don’t think I’ll ever consider leaving.”

Nicha is also a Trustee for Open Road, which is another substance misuse service that focuses on diversity and equality, and ensuring that young people have a voice that can be heard.

Meanwhile, outside of work her time is generally made for football (playing not watching), family and friends. She loves to get out and about, especially cycling on her bike, as well as going to arcades. Unlike some footballers and young people, Nicha isn’t really a drinker or party animal. Instead, she likes her quiet time where she can meditate while completing her jigsaw puzzles.

However like some footballers, particularly strikers, she does confess to having superstitious tendencies or a set routine on match days. Her typical Sunday, “…begins with porridge and turkey bacon, with some plantain on the side and coffee. If I’m feeling a little naughty, French toast will be on the side! I drink lots of water and, when I arrive at the club I’ll eat a banana and an energy bar… everything in that specific order every game day!”

Yet, her routine doesn’t end there, because Nicha doesn’t allow anybody to touch her muscles in particular before a game. Not even the club Physio… “I have a roller that I use to help my muscles before a game… they can be treated by the physio afterwards, but not before!”

On the field, every goal that Nicha scores is special. However, she very rarely scores with her head so, when she does, that goal quickly becomes her favourite and proud moment.

Other memories that make Nicha proud include winning the League Cup, which “was wonderful”, and beating teams that are higher up the football pyramid… “winning those games were an extremely proud moment for all of us.”

Yet, there was one memory that remains forever embedded in her mind. It’s from the time when she was a part of the Crystal Palace invincibles season, “…we were invited to train with the First Team when Alan Pardue was in charge. We were shown all the facilities, which were amazing, and then played the First Team, who literally showed us no mercy! It was a great day out, a wonderful memory.”

For the future, Nicha wants to be healthy, happy, and successful in her career and with the Darts. And, on the note of the Darts, I’ll let Nicha have the final word, “Please do come and watch us play. We love playing in front of large crowds, it makes us play better. We really appreciate all those who do come and support us. Thank you.”

Getting up to head over to the 3G pitch, her sense of humour shines through once again, “Ah, I guess I should head off to training…I’d rather sit here and talk with you though…!”

By Chris Palmer