‘Cherry’ the Haunting, Dramatic, Emotionally Raw Debut Album from the Ethereal Princess

Tizane is a typical teen from the local area and when that area does give of its loins, it is generally not unnoticed – step forward David Bowie, Siouxsie Sioux, Kate Bush and the Rolling Stones!

Tizane has struggled with morbid anxiety and isolationism throughout her teen years, though she is now in recovery. During her years of self-imposed isolation, she became a multi-instrumentalist, and highly proficient producer.

All the songs on ‘Cherry’, with the notable exception of her beautiful take on the Bob Dylan’s classic ‘All along the Watchtower’ are self-written, mostly self-performed and self-produced. The fragile, often opaque anthems tell of mental anguish, euphoria, love and loss.

Clash Magazine –  ‘Tizane isn’t about to play by anyone else’s rules. She is the alt-pop enfant terrible who seeks to rip up the rule book, her music is totally infectious.’

A hotly tipped artist at the tender age of nineteen, with an extraordinary talent for making music that has enabled her to beat back the demons and driven her prodigious rise. Tizane has an impressive following across digital music and media platforms, with ethereal masterpieces breaking the board on spotify (Over 4 million streams) – check out ‘Stay here’ & ‘Floating’. 

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Needless to say, covid has not played a welcome role in the story but Tizane has continued to write, produce and broadcast across the internet, and now, delivering one sultry, brooding debut… ‘Cherry’ available for streaming, special edition CD and double, cherry coloured vinyl.

Get it Shared Magazine  – ‘Melancholic and filled with candid emotion, the pulsating soundscape features an eclectic use of deep wavering synths and light punctual percussive beats to create an ominous and gloomy aura that runs throughout. Perfectly capturing the energy of the songs, and the deeper narrative, the distinctive soundscape sets the scene of a dark struggle with an intangible force’

Tizane has built a substantial following with over 41k Facebook followers alone, and almost 4 million streams garnered from several self-released leading singles on Spotify, she has become a hotly tipped artist at the tender age of nineteen.

Represented by former Rough Trade boss, George Kimpton (Depeche Mode, The Smiths, Kylie Minogue etc.), published by Ellis Rich OBE.

Album: Cherry

Release Date: 26th February

Record label : Jiggery Pokery Records

You can view the video to the lead single ‘Are you badHERE (Please note, video depicts famous scenes from horror movies so will not be suitable for all ages).

Hear Tizane’s beautiful version of the Bob Dylan classic ‘All along the Watchtower’ –