The well established 50 year old charity group has been forced to modernise within the past 2 years. Formed in 1969, Dartford Lions Club (CIO) have been hosting traditional events for their fundraising. The group of volunteers based in and around Dartford have been meeting monthly to discuss new ways of fundraising and supporting the local community. 

Under the leadership of the current president, Lion Ragbhir Sandhu (Rags), the club seems to have excelled into ‘modern times’. The local businessman applied his knowledge to the club by introducing a new website, online donations, sponsorship, media partners, online ticket sales and much more, all within his current role of 18 months. This month marked the return of the club’s biggest fundraiser, the Dartford Bonfire Night and Fireworks Display. In an almost ‘cashless society’ it was vital for the club to go more and more digital for tickets, payments and more…..

The event, attended by approx 15,000 people, was a record for the club. With the introduction of online ticket sales, and payments by card, this all assisted in the clubs fundraising efforts which are vital to the support they offer within the community. Additional funding was made available through sponsorship by businesses and above all the support from the local community has been overwhelming. 

“I am just a simple man with great ideas for the club, all I have done is introduce some of my business knowledge into the club to allow overheads to be low while income is high. As president, I am privileged to have a great team of volunteers/members around me who allow me to make these introductions with the growth of the club always being paramount. The local residents are our biggest supporters without whom we would not be in a position to carry out our work within the community.” 

Although all fundraising stopped during Covid19, the club introduced collection bottles at various retail outlets and online donations through the website – every penny helps. During the pandemic the club has been one of the very few who has taken on new members, this is a true testament to the work carried out by the club locally. The club continues to take pride in their fundraising and support for the local community.