During the 2020 lockdown, for Dartford Lions Club it was ‘business as normal’.

With the charity groups weekly meeting always being held on the first Tuesday of the month, April’s meeting was for the first time held as an online meeting with members. Using google hangouts, the club invited its members to attend the 8pm meeting on Tuesday. Every item on the agenda was discussed as it would be during a face to face meeting. The clubs vice president and press officer, Rags Sandhu said ” We decided that it is essential for the club to operate as ‘close to normal’ as we can under the current situation. This meeting allowed us to decide on how we can offer further support to local groups and individuals.”

As per normal meetings, this gave members an opportunity to learn about the support we had already given Darent Valley Hospital and how we will be further supporting local organisations during the Covid-19 pandemic. In his closing remarks, Lion President Milne Davidson thanked all members for joining our first ever online meeting, he urged members to keep safe and hoped that this will be back to normal fairly soon. However, he is looking forward to our online fundraising through the online quiz’s etc…..