Peppercorns celebrated their 10th anniversary on 29th June 2017.

PeppercornsMrFrosty | Dartford LivingPeppercorns is a day service for adults with learning disabilities and Autism. The service offers lots of activities including computers, math’s and English, music, drama and art. We also offer groups going out to learn about the community and trips out to the cinema and bowling and loads more.

The manager, Becky Green, and the staff team arranged a day of fun, music and food for the members and visitors to celebrate the anniversary. Also, a few surprises with an ice cream van!

PeppercornsWithMayor | Dartford LivingWe had a visit from Dartford Mayor, Rossana Currans and her escort. Karen Hutson showed the Mayor around peppercorns and introduced her to the members.

In the afternoon was a show from Dramarama, the members performed Mama Mia, Grease, Annie, Jungle book and more.

It was a fantastic day and Becky received 10 years of service to Peppercorns.