This month’s offering is less of a recipe and more of an idea for your festive celebrations – although variations would be absolutely perfect for any buffet table throughout the year.

You will need:

Ready made Puff Pastry

Mincemeat – there are some deliciously flavoured varieties in the shops this year (or make your own)


Ground Cinnamon

Brown Sugar

What to do:

Roll out the puff pastry into a large rectangle. (or buy ready rolled to skip this step)

For the Mincemeat Swirls:

Spoon your festive mincemeat all over the pastry – make sure you spread it right to the edges!

For the Apple Swirls:

Sprinkle the Brown Sugar and Ground Cinnamon generously over the pastry.

Grate the Apple over the pastry.

To assemble:

With the shorter side of the pastry facing you, roll up tightly pressing at the end to seal the roll.

Using a sharp knife, cut into 1cm slices and lay these down on a lined baking tray.

Bake at 180° for 15-20 minutes until a light golden brown.

As always I love a recipe that can be adapted to your family’s likes – what would you put in yours?

My son has suggested Turkey, Stuffing and Cranberry Sauce for a Savory Festive Treat! My daughter likes the idea of one with Raspberries,  Blueberries and Custard.

Enjoy! xxx