On behalf of Laura Hope Cordell, Director of the Kindness Community CIC.

When times are tough, sharing hope and positivity is so important. I wanted to do something to support others, like me who struggle with their mental health. September is Suicide Awareness Month and World Suicide Prevention Day is 10th September every year. Coronavirus is changing our lives and mental health support services, like The Samaritans are under extra strain.

‘Kindness Community’ members wanted to join me to do something to raise money for The Samaritans, encourage people to reach out for help and also make people smile, and feel supported. We displayed these positive postcards around Dartford and even got the children involved in writing positive messages on the pavement in chalk on the way to school.

We’d love it if this small gesture encouraged others to do the same. Join us and share your efforts at www,facebook.com/groups/kindcommunity

You can buy the set of 4 postcards to download and to print at home and send to friends here: https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/803714549/positive-postcards-to-show-you-care

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