As regular readers to Dartford Living will know from the August edition, I lost my mum to ovarian cancer in June. She died at the hospice run by ellenor. They are a wonderful charity – but need to raise £6.7million every year. So my family have started fundraising.

On Saturday the day of my eagerly awaited sky dive arrived. Wearing my orange ellenor t-shirt I headed for Head Corn. After a short wait (5 hours) I climbed aboard the plane. It is a tiny plane and is literally full of people. As we were flying up my tandem partner (Si) strapped me to him and instructed me on what would happen. Being notoriously uncoordinated I was slightly worried about ‘falling wrong.’ The time came so I shuffled to the exit hatch and was promptly hung outside by Si. He jumped and of course, I began hurtling downwards. The only thing I can compare this to was when you come off a water slide and hit the water faster than you were expecting! Suddenly the parachute came up and we were (comparatively) gliding through the sky. This was simply beautiful – seeing the Kent coast and countryside from up above is quite something. Sadly it was all over too quickly. We came to the ground and I was pleased to have landed as instructed.

My brother-in-law (who jumped to) and I are delighted to have raised £2,000 for ellenor with this endeavor. It feels like a fitting tribute to my mum. It has also been lovely to receive such support, in terms of donations and wishes from the community as well as from friends. To donate in aid of our skydive please go to :

For a list of events you might want to take part in please go to: