Council Leader tells litter droppers the pavement is not your dustbin, the street is not your ashtray

Dartford Borough Council is seeking the views of residents and the community before taking decisive action against people who drop litter on the Borough’s streets, parks and open spaces.

From mid-January 2016, Council Leader Jeremy Kite proposes to introduce a team of uniformed officers to patrol the Borough – with a special focus on the town centre – to issue penalty notices to people who drop litter, cigarette butts and those who don’t clear up after their dogs.

As well as introducing the team, the Council will ramp up its work with businesses to ensure their waste is disposed of correctly, make sure litter bins are emptied regularly and support the work of groups already making a difference to the cleanliness of Dartford’s communities.

The whole community is asked to support the initiative, to take pride in their environment and to help keep it clean and tidy.

Council Leader Jeremy Kite said, “We know that the vast majority of people dispose of their litter responsibly and clear up after their dogs but sadly there are a few that don’t. From January their selfishness will cost them dear. We’re hoping to get everyone’s support to ensure that Dartford is clean, tidy and safe.”

Residents can see the plans and give their views at until Friday 30 October 2015.