In conjunction with our friends Together TV, commissioners of our documentary series ‘Life in the Hospice’ we would like to invite you to join their Sunflower Challenge.  This Together for Good campaign aims to help people’s mental health and wellbeing  beyond the lockdown.

Despite the personal hardships we face through illness and bereavement, life in the natural world around us blooms eternal. Plant a sunflower seed and watch it grow, then collect the seeds to grow again and again …  It’s a wonderful way to celebrate life and also a fitting way to remember your loved ones.

If you would like to remember and honour someone who has died under ellenor’s care, please click here to register for your seeds** 

Andrew Lowden, ellenor’s Operational Lead Wellbeing says: “The ellenor ethos is all about living well, connecting with your friends and family, your hobbies, your environment — and this includes finding solace in nature.

It’s a wonderful initiative, and one which means that remembering our loved ones doesn’t need to be limited to one particular day.  We hope our community take this opportunity to acknowledge that whilst we are returning to normal, it’s important to remember those who we have lost, and those whose lives will never be ‘normal’ again. 

I particularly like the use of a sunflower as it is such a striking plant that it will easily be noticed, which will spark conversation and encourage people to talk about the person who is no longer with them, reminisce, and share memories.”

** Stock is limited so please register your interest as soon as possible**

We would also love to see your beautiful sunflowers so please tag us on Facebook and Instagram using @ellenorcharity as well as our friends Together TV on Instagram (@togetheruktv) and Facebook (@TogetherTV).