For most people going on holiday is simply a case of wanting to be as relaxed, carefree, and as open as possible. An LGBTQ+ holiday should be no different. Most holidaymakers take certain things, such as holding hands in public and booking a double room, for granted. That’s not always the case for members of LGBTQ+ community. Being in an LGBTQ+ accepting location is important for peace of mind. Whether you’re off on a romantic same-sex holiday, fancy partying non-stop with your LGBTQ+ friends, or you simply want peace of mind for your LGBTQ+ family, here’s our guide to destinations where everyone is welcomed.

Frequently voted the most LGBTQ+ friendly place in Europe, Malta is a sunny island in the middle of the Mediterranean. It’s crystal-clear waters and diminutive size make it ideal for LGBTQ+ families, its beautiful buildings and sense of history appeals to romantic same sex city-breakers, while the buzzing nightlife of Paceville welcomes LGBTQ+ party-goers.

Spain has no end of LGBTQ+ friendly destinations which spring to mind. Pick a Pride! There are so many from which to choose. Barcelona hosts from 19 to 29 June and Gran Canaria has two: 05 to 14 November and 05 to 15 May. The warmest of welcomes continues with the wonderful climate, sun-kissed beaches and dunes, and the vibrant nightlife of both the mainland and the islands.

The combination of mountain, ocean and city makes Lisbon holidays immediately likeable. It’s an enchantingly attractive city too. It’s also home to the best LGBTQ+ nightlife in Portugal, hosting an annual Pride event and Pride Village with stages, bars, lounges and family areas. During 2023 the city is hoping to host EuroPride, 19 to 28 June, the world’s biggest celebratory LGBTQ+ event in Europe.

Mykonos has long been a magnet for the LGBTQ+ traveller, so its inclusion here will come as no surprise. Pride may be celebrated from 18 to 25 August, but the picturesque windmills, traditional whitewashed sugar cube houses, beautiful coastline, excellent sandy beaches, first class hotels and great nightlife are available all summer long. Go and relax on one of the world’s most cosmopolitan islands.

The Seychelles
The Seychelles is a burgeoning holiday destination for LGBTQ+ travellers. In recent years these idyllic Indian Ocean islands have made great strides with equality laws, and social attitudes might not be as conservative as you may think. Out and about, discretion is required for all public displays of affection, whether you’re a member of the LGBTQ+ community or not, but you’ll find the hotels and resorts cater for the needs of LGBTQ+ holidaymakers.

South Africa
Cape Town and Johannesburg are home to the country’s largest LGBTQ+ communities, and it’s ahead of some European countries with same-sex marriage being legalised back in 2006. Experience this fascinating country with our selection of South Africa tours, including private, small-group and self-drives.

The Maldives
Many gay couples travel to the islands each year. We feature properties in the Maldives that ensure they are welcoming to members of the LGBTQ+ community and offer honeymoon benefits to same-sex couples. It may be a matter of making informed decisions before travelling beyond your chosen resort island, but that won’t be a hindrance to enjoying a holiday in this superb island paradise.

Amongst all the Southeast Asian countries, Vietnam is one of the more progressive when it comes to LGBTQ+ rights and has made recent strides in support of the LGBT community. The annual VietPride marches in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City work to raise visibility and awareness of LGBTQ+ issues.

And last, but not least Virgin Voyages with their new adult only cruise offerings. Virgin Voyages take every opportunity to create a positive, welcoming and familiar environment for LGBTQ+ passengers – and it really shows in their hiring practices, entertainment, and the overall experience onboard

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