Students on the Foundation Degree in Professional Writing at North Kent College, today (Wednesday 25 th May) have handed over 2000 copies of a book written for the Imago Charity, based on the college’s campus on Oakfield Lane Dartford. The handover marks the end of a life-affirming project in which the students decided to forgo an end of year show in favour of pooling their talents to produce a book for a charity. Once Imago had agreed to be the recipients of this generosity students and charity workers combined to produce a book explaining and celebrating the charity’s Short Break Service for disabled children. The production budget for the assignment allowed the students to manage the project to the point they are now giving 2000 free books to the charity to help with their Short Break Service work. Professional Writing tutor Neil Nixon said: “This was a truly selfless gesture from some really talented students, this whole project has been extremely positive and the end result is genuinely life-affirming.” Esther Dawson from Imago Charity said: “We are very grateful that the students chose us; the book is amazing and  will go on to help support a lot of families.”