Dartford Borough Council and Dartford Town Against Crime (DTAC) are giving a major boost to their ShopSafe StaySafe ID scheme which has been running successfully for ten years.

The scheme gives vulnerable people a temporary place to go if they are feeling confused, scared or upset or facing emergency when out and about in the town centre. Vulnerable people can include those who have a learning or physical disability, have an illness or severe medical condition or are feeling lost or confused.

By signing up to the scheme, members will be given an individual keyring/fob to identify themselves as needing assistance when they show it to staff in participating shops, cafes, restaurants, businesses and public buildings in the town centre.  These can be identified as displaying a ‘ShopSafe StaySafe’ or ‘Dartford Town Against Crime’ window sticker. 

SAFE PLACE sticker | Dartford Living
SAFE PLACE_sticker 2020

Councillor Ann Allen, MBE, said, “After ten years of successful operation we are delighted to reconnect ourselves to funding and operating this important scheme.  We want more and more people to be aware of just how useful and easy it is to sign up.  It not only reassures vulnerable people that there are places to go if they need a little help whilst out and about in the town centre but also provides peace-of-mind to the people who care for them.  They all know that the safe and supportive places will take care of them until more help arrives.”

The DTAC team will be at the Orchard Theatre on 14 February 2020 from 1-2.30pm and Meeting Place, Orchard Shopping Centre on Monday 24 February 2020 from 1.30-3.30pm ready to sign members up and distribute keyrings/fobs. Please bring a passport size photo if possible.

If you are unable to makes these dates and would like to become a member of the scheme or further details please contact Karen Radford, DTAC Manager at shop.safe@dartford.gov.uk

Businesses that wish to register their interest in the scheme can contact Karen Radford, DTAC Manager at shop.safe@dartford.gov.uk

For more information please contact press@dartford.gov.uk or call 01322 343225.