The first home game of the new year saw Dartford demolish Ebbsfleet United. Versatile defender/midfielder Jordan Wynter featured in our matchday programme that day. For those who missed that feature, here is the full article:

Jordan Wynter arrived at Bericote Powerhouse Princes Park in 2018 and the versatile Defender/Defensive Midfielder has remained a crucial part of the Dartford First Team ever since.

The 29-year-old is in good spirits when prompted to answer a few questions for this feature stating that he’s delighted that his music recording has gained some traction recently. He’s also pleased to tell me that he has been devoting time towards graphic designing, which is something that Jordan is interested in and plans to pursue once his football playing days are over (a subject we return to later).

Together with the fact that the Darts are currently on an excellent run in the National League South, which has seen them lose just two games (at Farnborough and Chelmsford) in 17 matches, a run that started at Dover Athletic back in mid-September, it’s understandable why Jordan is in high spirits and full of confidence of the possibility of achieving his immediate target for this campaign, “…the goal I have, in the back of my mind (each season), is for promotion. We’ve been very close to promotion in the past. And, whether it be through the play-offs or automatic, the goal is to reach the National League.”

He continues, “This is my fifth season here. I genuinely love how I’ve been treated by all staff, players, and fans that I’ve come across since initially signing. When I look around, I feel as if Dartford is one of the best run clubs in the league and we have always had a great group of players in the changing room. It (Dartford) feels like home for me… That’s something I was looking for since leaving full-time football.”

Jordan’s love for the club is clearly evident and it’s the main reason why he’s remained in the heart of the squad. Whether he’s sitting at right-back or in his more preferred role of Defensive Midfield, it’s more-or-less guaranteed that the number two is one of the first names on Alan Dowson’s team sheet. And, like everyone involved, the player wants nothing more than to see the club be successful in its ambitions to become settled in the upper echelons of the National League.

As Jordan continues to write himself into the history books of Dartford FC folklore, where did it all begin for him? He reminisces fondly… “I recall as an infant, my brother being a die hard Arsenal fan and we were always kicking objects around the house together. Once I was in primary school, one of my friend’s father was a manager of Redbridge United, a local Sunday team. He persuaded me to come and play for them.”

At the tender age of eight, Jordan was scouted by Arsenal and, having joined the Gunners’ Academy, his journey in the beautiful game had begun. He remained in North London until he turned 19 where, in 2013, he joined Bristol City before moving on to Cheltenham Town after eighteen months. Towards the end of his time with The Robins he had loan spells with Farnborough and Telford United followed by a stint at Barton Rovers. He then signed for National League side Bromley in 2016, before moving on to Woking and Maidstone United.

It was during his spell at Maidstone that Jordan arrived at Dartford on loan in 2018 and, “…I’ve been here ever since…!”

It’s pleasing to know that Jordan loves it here at Bericote Powerhouse Princes Park. There’s something truly special about this club that makes you fall in love with it and want to remain within its grasp or, like some, walk away only to be continuously pulled back. The stadium and people are family and family is clearly important to Jordan, especially his Mother and Brother… “From the very beginning, they always did their best to help and guide me through anything. Outside of myself, as I got older, I noticed how hard working and resilient they were in how they carry themselves. Whenever times get hard, I think of them, they’re my inspiration.”

Like all budding footballers, the thought of a potential career within football was soon recognised by Jordan, “…I probably realised a career in football was a realistic pathway when I got to the latter end of my secondary school years. It was around that time that I felt as if I was going with the flow up until conversations about signing scholarship/professional contract terms began.”

However, like many before him, a successful career within this most cut and thrust of sports isn’t always possible. So, a wise Jordan pursued interests away from the pitch, “A career outside of football would be my music. It’s something that I’ve been taking seriously since 2019. It’s a passion I’ve had from a young age and I got to experiment with when I was in school.”

However, due to his commitments in football, Jordan had to put music on the back burner. But, not long ago, he decided to pick things up again and, “…I’ve enjoyed the process since starting. I’ve networked with fellow artists and have been getting my stuff played on the radio, etc…”

This avenue has seen him feature online on Rio Ferdinand’s YouTube podcast which is, “…something I never imagined…”. He also freestyles about the Premier League on a weekly basis and is also a part of a Grassroots Sunday YouTube team called “Baiteze” which airs on Sundays, “…we provide a lot of content online through football challenges and debates.”

In addition to that, Jordan is also studying graphic design, “It was something I dabbled with in secondary school and I’ve only recently started to showcase my work. So, a typical day for me at the moment would be me getting up in the morning, opening up my laptop and going through some online courses around graphic designing. After a handful of hours of that, I’d take a break and start looking at writing lyrics and recording demos at home, either around football or a future song I’d be looking to release. Towards the end of the night, I’ll either be watching shows with my partner or spend time on the PlayStation.”

And if that’s not enough, Jordan also likes to keep up-to-date with his other interests, which includes football (obviously) and basketball as well as, “…keeping myself familiar with what’s going on in the music industry and social media. I’ve recently started listening to some podcasts to pass the time, either entertaining, insightful on an individual or about football”

This interview has seen Jordan come across as insightful, intelligent, and philosophical about his future. He wears his heart on his sleeve and has many hopes and dreams for the future… “I want to remain being a part of and around a team that I enjoy, both on and off the field. I do have my eye on what I’d be doing once I retire… a full-time music artist or graphic designer… who knows? I just want to look back and know that I enjoyed my time and take something from it.”

And in the short-term? “I hope I’m able to at least get one promotion under my belt!”

We all hope that one promotion comes with the Darts and that this Dartford number two is here to stay. And as our conversation comes to an end, I’ll let Jordan have the final word… “Thank you all for your continued support, it never goes unnoticed… UP THE DARTS!!!!!!”

By Chris Palmer