Nearly 40 local children have recently taken part in their grading exams at Yamato Damashii Karate Club. Over 30 attended the original grading session and another dozen, who couldn’t attend because they were isolating, have since graded and all passed. Sadly, adult gradings had to be delayed due to covid rules, but they are hoping for this to change at the next grading session for children and adults in December.

All the children were fantastic and all reached the standard required for them to achieve the next grade. The most advanced student on the day was Luke, who began his martial arts journey in 2018 and passed his 2nd kyu brown belt. There were a large number of beginners at this grading. Paul, one of the instructors, said, “It was great to see so many children taking part in something which can enrich their lives in so many ways, by learning about discipline & respect whilst also helping to improve their confidence and concentration.”

The club is very much a friendly family club, run by chief instructor Tony and assisted by Paul and Carmelo, as well as welfare officer Christine.

Carmelo said, “It’s impressive to watch the senior grades and observe how the skill level improves as the children progress through the grades.”

Yamato Damashii is a family-run Dartford-based karate club who teach traditional wado-ryu karate, they run engaging classes and are very good at helping new members to integrate into the club and feel welcome. Some children are very shy in the beginning, but the instructors work with them and help them to grow in confidence and become part of the group. It is more than just a karate club, it’s more like a big, friendly family.

Karate can benefit everyone, young, old, men and women and it’s a fun way to get fit and learn a valuable new skill, you or your children will learn respect, become more disciplined, focused, self-confident, improve concentration and make new friends, all these things can help throughout life.  

Both kids and adults can learn in a fun environment and each individual can develop their body and mind, gradually and naturally and they may not even realise their own progress until they look back and see just how far they have come.

Yamato Damashii is affiliated with NAKMAS, an independent martial arts governing body and have been awarded Covid Safe status. The instructors are licensed, insured and DBS checked. All the instructors were once white belts and have progressed through many years of training and now happily pass their experience and knowledge onto others.

Classes are held every Wednesday evening at the Leigh Academy and at the Becket Sport Centre every Saturday morning. Your first lesson is free so you really have nothing to lose giving it a go. For further information, see their website, Facebook, Twitter or drop them an email.