On behalf of KnowledgeAdd.

A business with roots in Dartford, London, and the South East.

KnowledgeAdd provide training courses to people interested in starting or enhancing their careers in IT and IT Service Management. From entry & foundation level courses, right through to intermediate, advanced, and expert, KnowledgeAdd can help with broadening anyone’s capabilities. 

When it comes to finding an environment that nurtures trusting relationships, creates custom-made learning solutions, and offers a stellar customer experience, KnowledgeAdd stands alone. 

Conceptualised and developed by a team of IT and Service Management veterans who want to make a difference in a busy training marketplace, KnowledgeAdd’s core values are teamwork, innovation, and customer experience. 

KnowledgeAdd is a revolutionary way to lay the foundations of a successful career in your field

Choosing KnowledgeAdd means being welcomed into a family that builds strong bonds, empowers you to improve as a professional, and grow as a person.