Last weekend (Sat 2nd Nov) was Dartford Lions Club’s biggest fundraiser – the Bonfire night and fireworks display.

Whilst other displays throughout Kent were cancelled, the Dartford Lions continued to amaze their residents yet again. Although social media is seen as a great way of promoting events and interaction with people, on the day of fireworks a team of members were committed to answering phone calls, social media posts and messages to ensure that the residents of Dartford knew that the Bonfire night was still on.

Due to the heavy rain and generally poor weather conditions, Leeds Castle and many others cancelled their displays, this then lead to confusion on social media which then resulted in residents contacting the club asking if the display is still going on.

However, the club continued with the bonfire, fireworks display, funfair and stalls etc, although the numbers were down, the event was still an overwhelming success. Club president, Lion Milne Davidson said “We as a club, were determined not to disappoint the residents of the Dartford area who had already purchased tickets for this event and the dedication of not only the Lions but all the other volunteers ensured that this did not happen. The generosity of everyone who attended means that we will yet again be able to support local charities and individuals throughout the coming year“.

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