The magic of Roald Dahl has hit Battersea Brands Hatch as a paws-itively giant cat has arrived at their centre weighing in at over 8 kilos and measuring over 3 feet long.

Twice the size of an average domestic moggie, The Big Friendly Cat (BFC) was aptly named by staff at the Kent rescue centre to mark the release of The BFG film which has hit cinema screens across the country this summer.

The eight year old giant feline arrived at Battersea as a stray and staff believe he was sadly abandoned by his owners. Like his namesake, this gentle giant is one of the biggest and friendliest chaps to have graced the countryside Cattery.

Michelle Bevan, Rehoming and Welfare Manager of Battersea Brands Hatch, said: “There’s no doubt that this is one of the biggest cats we’ve ever taken in at our centre. Last year over 250 cats arrived at Battersea Brands Hatch but The BFC is larger than any of them by a mile. He is a domestic long hair but our staff have suspicions that he may also have Maine Coon in him – this breed are renowned for being the largest domesticated breed of cat.

“The BFC has a personality as big as his friendly self and is a big hit with all our staff and volunteers; they’ve already got him reading the book which inspired his name, The BFG! Our team are currently settling him in and getting him
com-fur-table in his new surroundings where we’ve had to do some DIY on his cat pen to make sure he has space for his massive moggy needs.

Michelle continued: “Our charming friendly feline loves to meet and greet everyone he sees and we’ve already discovered his love for string toys and rolling around in catnip. He’ll certainly be looking for a garden in his new home, a rather large cat flap and owners who are prepared to keep his very healthy appetite satisfied. We really hope the magic of this new film release will help our gentle giant find a purrfect new home.”

If The BFC is lucky enough to catch your eye and you think you can give him the forever home he so deserves please contact 0843 509 4444 or visit