During National Allotments Week,  Kent Community Foundation is highlighting their Amity Allotment Fund

The Amity Allotment Fund, forms part of Kent Community Foundation’s environmental strategy and   distributes grants of up to £7,500 to encourage the expansion of existing allotments or the creation of new sites throughout Kent. 

The Amity Allotment fund distributes grants of up to £7,500 to cover start-up costs for new allotments or ongoing expenses for more established sites.  Applications for funding are considered for legal, or insurance costs,  site purchase or rent costs, as well as the purchase of seeds, plants, tools, sheds, benches, fencing, water tanks, or communal tools.

Natalie Smith, Director of Grants and Impact, Kent Community Foundation, said, “We know how important allotments are to bring communities together, preserve the environment  and provide a fantastic area for wildlife. The type of allotment projects we have awarded grants for include, the purchase cost of a heavy-duty shredder for trees and shrubs, new boundary fencing, as well as the removal of asbestos rooves from two hundred sheds. If you know of an existing allotment in your area that needs funding, or you are interested in creating an allotment for your community we would love to hear from you.”

National Allotments Week started in 2002 as a way of raising awareness of allotments and the role they play in helping people to live healthier lifestyles, grow their own food, develop friendships, and bolster communities. To apply to the Amity Allotment Fund, visit www.kentcf.org.uk/funding/amityallotmentfund