Parents Consortium was originally set up in 1996 by a group of parents that felt their needs for their disabled children to access services was not considered or heard by the local authority at that time. It was established as a local charity and has developed services to what we know today.

In 2016 we celebrated our 20th Anniversary which is a major milestone. However, the last couple of years have been a constant challenge to find and generate available funding to offer our range of services to those that need them.
Last year we were awarded a lottery grant and a part of that was to conduct an Organisational Review on our strengths and weakness as a business by an independent and highly respected and qualified consultant.

The Big Lottery paid for this

One of the results from the review was that our name did not signify that our primary focus was disabled children.

  • Funders on occasions did not consider the charity for donations due to lack of understanding of who we are.
  • We have been interpreted as a Parents Association from a school.
  • Local people were not aware of what we offered to disabled children and families as there was confusion with the various past department logos.
  • Trusts and Foundations have been slow to react to our appeals.

An agency called Pillory Barn stepped forward to offer their services free of charge to the charity to develop and create a name change and re-brand. They offered us three days of studio time in kind as a part of their commitment to our change.

A steering group was put together to gather their views on colours, names, themes and brand associations. All managers, volunteers and trustees were invited. The agency then spent time investigating names and how these would be perceived. They hosted a focus group of business people and their findings were positive towards our chosen name.

After staff, volunteers and trustee consultations we have arrived with the branding and name as BEAMS.

Our thought process was the word Beams creates the following:

  • Good emotions
  • Is a positive word
  • Is memorable
  • Supporting element in a building
  • Memories of sunshine
  • Happiness
  • Bright colours
  • Ray of light
  • Good times

The new website, designed by Panoramic Design also free of charge will be as this shows we are proud to shout from the roof tops who we are and what we represent. Our colours are a new fresher mix of purple and orange and this branding will identify our charity and its purpose in all communications.

We are confident that these changes to the way we portray the charity will have a positive effect on staff, volunteers, and supporters in the future and will secure our finances.

This will not change any current services offered to disabled children and their families but it will help us to secure the funding to improve further and expand.

We have agreed that the name change take effect by 1st April 2017.

Please share our news with everyone and join us to support your local charity. Join us on twitter @wearebeams or on facebook/wearebeams.

Together we can get the message out there.

Kind Regards

Katrina Adams, Operations Director
Lesley Dyball, Chair of Trustees