The Council announced in June that it would install cameras to clamp down on dangerous parking and driving outside a number of local schools as part of its determination to keep school children safe.

The first cameras have gone live at Manor Community Primary in Swanscombe, The Brent Primary School in Stone and Dartford Primary Academy. 

Since September 1, cameras have caught at least 74 drivers parking illegally or dangerously during the hours when children are arriving or leaving classes – with more cases still to be processed.

Each offender will receive a fixed penalty notice. 

Leader of the Council, Cllr Jeremy Kite, said: “You would like to think that motorists wouldn’t need to be told to park safely around schools, but since some of them clearly don’t get the message, I think most sensible drivers, parents and residents will support our action.

Safety of children is more important than the convenience and entitlement of those who think that they can ignore the safety measures designed to give kids space and visibility when they are around schools.

“This is not a negotiation – children’s safety comes first.  

“We will issue penalty notices and prosecute where it’s appropriate and I’m looking at ways to plough proceeds of fines back into measures to make more schools safe.  

“I don’t take pleasure in seeing people fined but in this case the behaviour and entitlement of some drivers has reached dangerous levels.

There are ways to make the journey to and from school a healthier and safer part of a child’s day, but for those who really can’t avoid using a car for the school run, parking and driving safely is essential.”