Summer at The Dockyard

In 2018, The Historic Dockyard Chatham is celebrating its 400th Anniversary with the biggest summer of entertainment ever!

The summer of fun begins from Friday 6th July – join The Historic Dockyard Chatham, journeying through time exploring the 13.8 billion year history of the world through LEGO® bricks!

Brick History

LegoFrom the author/creator Warren Elsmore, The Historic Dockyard Chatham is delighted to welcome the unique temporary exhibition, Brick History for the first time.  The exhibition will be on show throughout the Summer holidays as part of our 400th anniversary with fantastic pieces that are key to our own history such as the model of the Battle of Trafalgar with the Chatham made ship HMS Victory.

Visitors will undoubtedly be inspired to try building their favourite moments from history for themselves after seeing these fantastic pieces, and The Dockyard will have a soft play area full of LEGO® bricks and soft play LEGO® to get creative!   This exhibition is on show at The Historic Dockyard until Sunday 16th September.

Summer Fun at the Dockyard

Then, starting from the 28th July, join Doc. Yard with his unique take on science fun.  This year, Doc. and his able Beachassistant Bunsen are trying to detect elements that are difficult to see and smell, but with help from the audience, hands on experiments will show Doc’s assistant Bunsen and everyone what gases feel like!

From helium, gases in air and even the ones made by humans – Doc and Bunsen look at the science behind them this summer with interactive fun and Bunsen’s hilarious tricks on Doc – this may include a whoopie cushion!

Don’t miss out on the final experiment where Doc and Bunsen will perform the Big Bang experiment too!  When we say a big bang – we mean a BIG BANG!

And if that wasn’t enough for family fun this summer, the Pirates will also be back at The Dockyard from the 28th July taking over HMS Gannet! Captain Knotbeard and the rest of his crew will be joining The Dockyard’s biggest summer ever for its 400th birthday with an enormous beach equipped with deck chairs and buried treasure ready for those sandcastles to be made! Storytelling will be daily, and the lower decks of HMS Gannet will show what life as a pirate was like!

All of this included in your annual ticket, the biggest summer of fun in the last 400 years at The Dockyard!