Dexter the Patterdale Terrier from Battersea Brands Hatch went from rescue dog to super dog after recently helping to save his new owner’s life.

After spending almost a month in the Kent kennels, 6 year old Dexter was rehomed to Jane and Iain in Barnehurst, settling in really well and especially enjoying his new home comforts and morning runs in the local park.

On one particular morning run, Iain was stung badly by a bee which resulted in him going into anaphylactic shock and collapsing. This severe allergic reaction is very serious and can often prove deadly. Whilst unconscious, Dexter tried to draw attention to Iain’s plight by barking and running frantically back and forth until another dog walker found them both and rung for an ambulance. Iain was taken to hospital and nursed back to health, luckily making a full recovery.

Dexter’s heroic act came just 3 months after he’d been rehomed to Jane and Iain. They fell in love with this playful Patterdale after seeing him in the Kent kennels where he’d been brought in as his previous owners no longer found him suitable for their home.

Iain Rowland said: “Jane and I are so proud of Dexter and we have a lot to thank him for. He played a critical part in raising the alarm by finding help and stayed by my side until the ambulance turned up. He has more than demonstrated his loyalty to us and we are so glad we decided to come to Battersea Brands Hatch to rehome another rescue dog, Dexter is now the third dog that we have rehomed from Battersea since 1995. Our Dexter says that every home should have a dog, as they may just save your life!”


Michelle Bevan, Rehoming and Welfare Manager of Battersea Brands Hatch, said: “We were absolutely delighted to hear Dexter’s story after getting to know him whilst he was in our care and we were relieved to hear that Iain has made a full recovery.


“We rehome around 400 dogs every year and love to hear how they are settling into their new homes but were especially pleased to hear about Dexter’s brave behaviour. This is an amazing example of what rescue dogs can be like and we would urge people to consider coming to our centre to give the rest of our courageous canines the second chance in life they all deserve.”


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