Former footballer Daniel Shittu now property developer turning his dreams into reality

Daniel Shittu is a former professional footballer, through his 16-year long career he made 346 appearances in the Premier League and Football League, including 190 for Queens Park Rangers.

Shittu played for Norwich City, Charlton Athletic, Blackpool, Watford, and Bolton Wanderers. He played 32 games for the Nigeria national football team between 2000 and 2013.

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He is now a property investor, working in partnership with Rehoboth Property International on their latest project The Hill Hub, a legacy centre in an iconic property in the centre of the town.

The team are Rehoboth International are reclaiming land around London and giving back to the community through opportunities and mentoring.

Rehoboth International are transforming the old Dartford Police Station and Magistrates court in Kent into an innovative co-working and private office space.

The development will transform the space where dreams and aspirations were previously curtailed; into a hub for local SME’s and entrepreneurs to dream big and succeed. The Hill Hub not only offers workspace but also an incubation programme offering business mentoring, workshops, and investment opportunities.

The Hill Hub provides the opportunity to champion growth, investment, learning, development & sustainability.

Simon Ryan, Investment Director at Locate in Kent, commented: “It is great to see further investment in Dartford, and a focus on creating a collaborative co-working hub for businesses, entrepreneurs, start-ups and the local community.

The Hill Hub is so ironic, a legacy project for the company – turning trauma into triumph is a dream come true for Daniel. 

“It touches me to be working on this project. So many people have walked into Dartford Police Station, to find out their destiny. It is a blessing that we can turn such a negative space into a place to make people. So much hurt and sadness were felt in this property, we are changing something that is so negative into a huge positive. Allowing young entrepreneurs and aspirational individuals to grow and thrive.” Said Daniel Shittu, former international footballer now property investor.

“We are very thankful to each investor; we are building a legacy in Dartford and we cannot wait to deliver this to the community” said Sanmi Adegoke Founder and CEO of Rehoboth Property International.

“To be a part of something like this is so exciting, giving back to the community truly makes me happy.” Said Daniel Shittu, former international footballer and property investor. 

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