Dartford Grammar School released its first Virtual Christmas Concert in its 444-year history this week, capturing the spirit of Christmas and reminding us about what we will hopefully soon enjoy again once Covid restrictions are ended.  

The whole concert with an intro by the Headmaster is available at:


In more normal times Dartford Grammar School would showcase the musical talent of students in at least three concerts a year, but in 2020 these were rendered impossible by Covid rules. 

This is the beautiful rendition of the Coventry Carol by the Sixth Form vocal group, recorded under Covid restrictions in the foyer of the Mick Jagger Centre, which in all honesty gives theatre to the rendition. That specifically can be found here: https://youtu.be/zSKd7Pf-drU


Unbowed however at this festive time, the staff and students came together to record a wide selection of performances, featuring soloists, bands, ensembles and choirs from across the school. Many of the choral contributions were recorded in the foyer of the Mick Jagger Centre which gave great acoustics and theatre to the recitals. There are 50 different performances, ranging from the youngest Year 7 performers to ‘elderly’ final year students. 

Recorded under the school’s Covid conditions and in masks at all times, the school’s talented youngsters just wanted to sing and play for the enjoyment of others. The performances are uploaded to the School’s website and can be accessed on the Home Page there. The concert is also, of course, a reminder of that which we will soon enjoy again more normally!

Music Department staff – Mrs Metcalf, Mrs Streeks and Ms Quigley – deserve thanks for their determination in bringing together the school’s talented students and for bringing this dash of festive cheer into the hearts of the school community. 

Merry Christmas!