West Kingsdown Boxing Club was recently founded by Head Coach, Mickey Bowden, a successful former amateur and professional boxer.  The sport has long been his passion and as a qualified England Boxing coach, first aider and long-time volunteer, he has awaited the opportunity to ‘give something back’ to the sport and local community by opening a club for the benefit of West Kingsdown.  This is his vision and his passion.

WKB-boys-on-bagsThe club aims to encourage people of all ages, gender and ethnic backgrounds to join the club by offering boxing classes for all abilities.  There will be weekly non-contact boxing classes for men, women and younger children (aged 5 to 9).  In addition to these three classes, the amateur boxing club will run three evenings a week for 10 year olds and up.

The club will provide a place for people to go to keep fit, learn a new skill and with the possibility of competing.  The club will contribute to the overall well being of residents by promoting a healthy and positive lifestyle.  It is proven that boxing clubs offer a positive diversion from crime and antisocial behaviour, and promote discipline and respect.  It is the clubs hope that a boxing programme running from the village hall will encourage individuals to join the club, stay active, and otherwise engage with a worthwhile activity and build respect for the community.

West Kingsdown Boxing club 07984 186220 / 07939 302044.