The Darent River Preservation Society (DRiPS) has just launched its new website and what a fascinating piece
of work it is! Take a look for yourself at

The River Darent is one of the most precious and beautiful features of our local area. There are just 200 chalk
streams in the world, so it also has a global significance. The new website not only celebrates our river but is a
masterclass on all aspects of the river and the threats posed to it today. The whole well-designed site is
peppered with outstanding photos, not only of the river itself, but the wildlife that abounds there. You certainly
do not need to be a naturalist to appreciate this feast of information. Of equal importance is the story the site
tells of DRiPS and the work it does to protect the Darent.

“The Society was formed in 1985 in response to very real concern at that time that the river would not survive
into the future,” said Stuart Merrylees, DRiPS Chair. “With other key associations, DRiPS has been able to make
considerable improvement in the river’s health. Today there is a growing awareness of the need to preserve and
treasure this important and beautiful feature of our landscape. Facing threats connected to climate change,
pollution and the growing demand for water, our work is as important as ever.

“The website explains the issues facing the river. It describes the inter-connected nature of the river ecosystem
and explains what DRiPS does and how we work in partnership to achieve our aims. We now need to engage
more closely with all the local communities to nurture a deep affection for and commitment to protect and
preserve the Darent, for the threats it faces are increasing.”

The society’s interest in the entire river ecosystem is captured in its new logo – from the underground aquifers
that feed the river to the water flowing through its aquifers and of course the flora and fauna in and around the

Visit the new website at and stay in touch with updates on Facebook and
Twitter. Everyone is welcome at DRiPS Annual General Meeting on Wednesday November 8th at Otford Village
Memorial Hall, 7pm for 7.30pm. Check the website for full details and join us – Membership of DRiPS will cost
you just £10 per year!