Despite weekly bin collections being only a distant memory in most parts of Kent, Dartford’s popular weekly service is set to continue after a borough-wide survey found thousands of people supported the Council’s commitment to retain them. 

Nearly six thousand households responded to Dartford’s Big Bin Vote which took place over March and April of this year with 89% rating their bin services good or excellent. 

The vote found that more than two-thirds of respondents wanted to keep weekly collections and supported the ability to put out extra sacks of cardboard and recyclables if their usual recycling bin was full.  The council has confirmed that it plans to meet the wishes of residents in full and will continue to commit to both proposals.  The move means Dartford continues to be one of only two councils in Kent, and a diminishing number nationwide, to provide weekly bin collections. 

The survey also explored local opinion on the Government’s endorsement of small food caddies to minimise food waste.   Well over half of residents responding said they would probably use the service if it was available, so the Council is to start preparations for their introduction when the Government unveils national proposals. 

Leader of the Council Jeremy Kite said: “Dartford Council has no wish to be swept along with the sort of cuts and reductions made elsewhere.  Collecting residents’ bins is one of our most important services we have and we are here to do it how residents want into be done. I think people hate being told what sort of a service they are going to get by councils, particularly when it’s residents who pay for it.  The Big Bin Vote lets them make the decision. 

Councillor Steve Brown, Cabinet Member for Environment and Waste said:  “We’re glad to see there’s an appetite for food waste collections, and our green policies will no doubt benefit from residents being to recycle more.  It was fantastic to see such overwhelmingly positive feedback. Our crews work enormously hard in difficult conditions and deserve huge credit.”