When driving a car, a motorist expects that he should have a good driving experience. It is not just the side mirrors, the shining paint and the scratchless vehicle body that should be considered important in isolation for a vehicle to perform better. In actuality, for you to have an efficient and smooth ride, the most important aspect is the health and condition of your tyres.  

While driving a vehicle on a regular basis and for long mileages, you can expect wear and tear of car tyres. This may occur because the tyre tread and over and under inflated tyres is not being checked upon frequently.  Therefore, it is important to keep a regular check on your tyres so that they can provide you with longevity. 

Always remember to have balanced amount of air pressure in your tyres so that they have an excellent rolling resistance on the road.  Also remember to check the tread depth of your tyres regularly. The minimum tread depth is 1.6mm in UK. If your tyres have tread depth less than that then you are not only putting the safety of your loved ones at risk but can also be legally charged with a penalty for this. The lesser the tread depth the more braking time your car will require.

Among quality tyres there lies a range of tyre categories, which are premium and budget tyres. Premium tyres are safe and sound to drive as they are made from excellent quality material and have higher threshold levels if travelling to long distances. These tyres often have less chances of getting worn out too quickly and also have the capacity of wet grip in them. Budget tyres, on the other hand, are often more suited for travelling for short distances. They do not get worn out as quickly as you expect, require fewer repairs and provide drivers with good value for their money. 

If a motorist travels just short distances on a daily basis then budget tyres are the best cost effective option. You can get budget tyres in Bexleyheath by visiting Dartford Tyres Ltd.

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Keeping these small yet handy points in mind will help you keep your tyres in spick and span condition for a longer period of time.