Another amazing success for the Dartford Lions Club.  Run by dedicated volunteers, some of whom have been members for over 40 years, the clubs largest fundraiser took place in Dartford Central Park on Sat 4th November, the event was of course the Bonfire Night and Firework display.  Attended by several thousand people, the spectacular annual event for the club seems to be getting better and better each year.  Like each year the planning of the event starts early each year and as the date become nearer the final pieces of this event all begin to fall into place.  Friday morning was the start of the first of the pallet deliveries into the park and the construction of the bonfire started, throughout the day local business and residents began to bring their timber to add to the bonfire construction.  A team of Lions Club members and supporters were on hand to manually build the bonfire, on Saturday starts at approx 7am for the volunteers who begin to erect signs, fences and a command centre for the event.

Gates for the event opened at 5pm and people then began to come into the bar to enjoy the fairground, stall and position themselves suitably for the bonfire and fireworks spectacular.
Lighting the fire was Mayor of Dartford Cllr. Rosanna Currans who took great pride in lighting the fire at both ends.  The crowd consisting residents of all ages cheered as the fire was lit and then as the countdown to the fireworks display began. This year (2017) marks 100 years of the existence of the Lions Club and as a result part of the display included the 100 years being marked as a sign which was lit spelling the words and numbers in flames.  The clubs press office Rags Sandhu said “Like previous years the event was hugely successful and this was endorsed by the support of the local community.  I feel that this is a great way to mark the end of our centenary year for Lionism.  We cannot do this or any other event without the support of the local community. We are only as good as the people who support us.  Thank you to every resident and business who supported this event”.