Research from property technology startup reveals top ten best places to live in Kent.

  • Canterbury and Tunbridge Wells the two best places to live in Kent
  • Lesser known places Belvedere and Swanscombe in the top 10
  • Upmarket Sevenoaks surprisingly not in the top 10

10th November, 2017: Canterbury is the best place to live in Kent, according to research from property technology startup OneDome.

OneDome has ranked the top 10 places to live in Kent with its Locality Reality mapping tool, which scores postcodes out of ten based on their local amenities. With its many schools, shops, restaurants and bars, Canterbury comes out on top.

To generate a score, the tool looks at seven key criteria, including education, safety, noise, grocery, lifestyle, public greenspaces, and transport.

Here’s the top 10 and the scores:

  1. Canterbury (8.08)
  2. Royal Tunbridge Wells (8.05)
  3. Belvedere (7.94)
  4. Eynsford (7.94)
  5. Bexley (7.86)
  6. Chilham (7.84)
  7. Ashford (7.83)
  8. Sandwich (7.78)
  9. Dartford (7.74)
  10. Swanscombe (7.66)

All data is collated from over 70 publicly available sources, such as the Office for National Statistics (ONS), and then crunched using several algorithms to generate the scores.

Babek Ismayil, founder and CEO of OneDome, highlighted that though some of the results are to be expected, the data does produce some curve balls.

Ismayil said: “It comes as no surprise desirable locations like Canterbury and Tunbridge Wells score highly. However, the data does reveal some areas many homebuyers might not have considered, such as Belvedere and Swanscombe, may have more to offer than well-known Kent towns, such as Sevenoaks and Maidstone.”

Locality Reality also allows homebuyers, renters and the curious to compare not just overall scores, but individual scores for transport, schools, lifestyle and so on. Users need only type in their postcode into the online tool to find out their Locality Reality score.

Ismayil added: “The aim of the Locality Reality is to help steer people in the direction of areas that meet their needs. The data is so refined it produces a result for that exact postcode. Of course, discovering the right area is a decision made by the heart as well as the head, so it’s always best to go to an area in person to find out if it’s truly right for you.”

About OneDome 

OneDome is a proptech company that helps people compare areas to live in and provides software to estate agents and conveyancers to help join up the customer journey.