Avenue Q – currently at The Orchard Theatre – review by Kelly Goldsworthy…

Let me start by saying ‘go and see this show!’ You’ll have a great time. Why miss out? I have not seen the musical before and expected it to be crude and full of offensive humour (which I love) and to some extent it is – with songs like Everyone’s A Little Bit Racist and The Internet’s For Porn – but actually there is also a lot of warmth in the characters and the plot.

For anyone who is unfamiliar with the show, like Sesame Street, Avenue Q is an area populated with monsters, muppets and humans and they have formed a community, but unlike Sesame Street, they all have problems to deal with – around relationships, sexuality, jobs and money – just like most of us. The songs are catchy and very, very funny. My favourite character, Nicky, is a muppet trying to help his best friend Rod open up about his sexuality – via song. Other characters Kate and Princeton struggle with forming a relationship, while humans Brian and fiancee Christmas Eve (yes really) are unemployed. Other supporting characters include Lucy The Slut and The Bad Idea Bear.

The actors playing the puppets are visible to the audience, and it’s quite memorising watching them, but somewhat oddly they do not detract from the story and actually add to the enjoyment.

One other thing – even if you don’t usually buy programmes I’d recommend the one for this show. I really enjoyed learning about the history and creative side of this show.

Like I said: GO AND SEE THIS SHOW!!!

Avenue Q is at The Orchard until Saturday 27th June. Tickets can be purchased online here: