An unlucky Alaskan Malamute who had spent 759 days in kennels at Battersea Brands Hatch has finally seen his luck turn around after a couple from Oxfordshire fell in love with him.

In September 2014, Theo was found wandering the streets of South West London. He was transferred to the Battersea site in the Kent countryside as the rural life would be much more suitable for a dog of his size. Unfortunately, he would be there patiently waiting for a new home for the next 24 months.

All this changed when he was introduced to Holly and Danny Stepney based in Oxfordshire. The Stepney’s describe him as the perfect fit for the family – not to mention that he is an absolute stunner!

The Stepney’s journey with Theo started six months ago, when they first enquired about Theo and had planned a visit to Battersea’s Kent centre to meet him. Unfortunately, Holly was then rushed into hospital for surgery, and needed time to recover and it just seemed it wasn’t quite the right time.

TheoDuring her recovery period, Holly admits that she checked the Battersea website regularly to check up on Theo: “We already have two little dogs, and with me recovering, we just didn’t think it would’ve been fair to adopt Theo when we couldn’t give him the proper attention that he needs. I explained to Battersea staff that if by the time I had fully recovered and lovely Theo was still at the Home, then we would still be interested. We were so surprised to find that he was still there though – I don’t know why – he’s amazing.”

Theo is now settling in well with his new family, and living a life of luxury in the idyllic Oxford countryside, alongside his two Jack Russell friends. Danny added: “Theo’s beautiful, crazy and stubborn, but such a lovable rogue! He’s enjoying all the space in the meadows during his walks and training. But he’s also very happy snuggling by my feet in his new comfy bed. He likes to steal half the sofa too!”

Theo will have a pawsome first Christmas this year in Snowdonia, where the whole family will go for lovely long walks and have some wonderful adventures.

Dermot Rudd, Team Leader at Battersea Brands Hatch, commented: “It’s so great that Theo has finally got his happy ever after, it was certainly a long time coming. We’ll miss him a lot as he’s just so friendly and lovable, but we’re so glad to see him go off into the world and bring someone else the joy that he brought us whilst he’s been at Battersea.”