Battersea Dogs & Cats Home in Brands Hatch, Kent, has rehomed its first dog of 2017 to local Erith resident, Ray Green, and it couldn’t be a happier ending for a very bewildered Beagle.

Molly, now renamed Holly, a seven-year-old Beagle caught the eye of Ray and his family just after Christmas. She’d had a tough start in life, after coming into Battersea in a poor condition having previously been used for breeding multiple litters. Holly had been kept in outdoor kennels for most of her life. She wasn’t house trained, she was nervous and she wasn’t used to going out on walks and meeting new people.

The staff and volunteers at Brands Hatch worked with Holly to gradually build her confidence and get her used to being out and about, and before long she was enjoying her daily walks and having a good sniff around like a true Beagle.

Ray helped her start the New Year with a new home and new life, taking her home to Erith on 1 January 2017. He explains: “I picked out Holly because she’s an older and quieter dog. She makes the ideal companion for me as I am disabled. She’s been good as gold since she’s been home with us. It’s only been a week so she’s still a bit nervous, but is coming out of her shell a bit more now, wagging her tail and going to her food by herself. We have two big fields nearby so we take her for walks everyday where it’s a bit quieter. She’s settling in lovely and likes to sleep a lot!”

Anna Hemmings, Centre Manager at Battersea Brands Hatch, commented: “It’s always extra special when we see a dog go to a good home at the start of the new year, especially as Holly’s got a very sad back story. We hope Holly enjoys her new life and now has the freedom to be the Beagle she can be!”

Battersea Brands Hatch currently has three other Beagles looking for their forever home. Beagles are a common breed who often come in to the rescue centre. Anyone interested in giving our Beagles, or any other dogs, a new start in life, please contact