Regular visitors to Bluewater might have spotted that Bill’s had been shut whilst undergoing a revamp but the good news is that it is now open again. Dartford Living recently visited to check out the changes.

Although the layout is pretty similar, the feel of the restaurant is a lot more elegant and luxurious. There are now beautiful looking velvet seats, chandeliers and an eclectic mix of colourful ornaments. Despite these changes there is still a lot of Bill’s traditional style with lots of reclaimed and re-purposed wood which helps Bill’s retain its relaxed and natural feel.

The good news is that Bill’s food is still as good as it was before with flavour and quality of produce still being the most important aspect of the dishes. One thing we noticed is that now Bill’s is offering a new evening special which changes depending on the day of the week so whilst there is reasonable choice on the menu it offers the opportunity to try something new and I presume these will change seasonally keeping the menu fresh without requiring an overhaul or removal of many of the favourite dishes.

The food we ate was delicious and whilst we are not vegan it was great to see vegan and more vegetarian options now available so that more people are catered for.  

Even though we were dining at the child friendly time of 5pm, Bill’s seemed to have already transitioned into a relaxed but semi-formal dining area with flickering candle light and soft music. That said we didn’t feel uncomfortable dining with children. The staff were very accommodating and friendly to both us and them. The children were given colouring sheets and crayons (bear in mind it is a colouring sheet so if like us you have children who won’t spend more than 2 seconds colouring I would recommend taking something else with you to keep them entertained) and they had kids menus to choose from.

Bill’s restaurant in Bluewater is open for breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner every day (except some bank holidays) with many set menu and fixed price options available. For more information and menus check out the Bills website and pop in next time you are at Bluewater.