A recent survey revealed that Labrador Retrievers are still coming out top as the most popular breed in the UK (just)[1], but spare a thought for poor chocolate coated Buttons the Labrador, who is coming out top of the list – but for a very different reason – Buttons is one of the longest-stay dogs at Battersea Brands Hatch.

For 27 years, Labradors have come out as the most popular breed according to the Kennel Club, and here at the world-renowned rescue centre, Battersea rehomed 43 Labradors in 2016, sadly though, Buttons wasn’t one of them.

Sweet like chocolate, Buttons, is coming up to her 150th day at Battersea Brands Hatch, but it’s not a milestone she, or the staff, want to celebrate, instead everyone just wants to find a good home for her.

Buttons is a two-year old girl, who can be quite shy and nervous at first, but once she gets to know you, she’ll be a friend for life. Potential owners will need some patience to gain her trust and understanding to build up her confidence. This means that Buttons’ ideal home is somewhere rural where she has the freedom to explore in a quieter environment.

Anna Hemmings, Centre Manager at Battersea Brands Hatch, commented: “Poor Buttons has been with us for almost 150 days. We want to find her a loving new home with people who understand her. Given time and space, Buttons can be the perfect Lab companion!”

For more information on Buttons please contact bbh.rehomers@battersea.org.uk

[1] Taken from Kennel Club – the top breed registrations in 2016