Ramunas Kascinevicius was sucessfully prosecuted for a fly-tipping offence that took place at a Recycling point near the village of Southfleet.  Enforcement Officers recognised the Lithuanian defendant from a previous offence because he was brazen enough to return and re-offend twice during the same day.  Following an intervention by Dartford Borough Council’s Enforcement Officers he was subsequently arrested at passport control at Luton airport while attempting to leave the country. Kascinevicius received fines totalling £2226 pounds.

A spokesman for Dartford Borough Council’s Enforcement Team commented “We are actively tackling fly-tipping and ongoing investigations and prosecutions are very much part this work.  Fly-tipping and dumped rubbish of any kind is totally unacceptable, but hopefully these fines go some way towards covering the costs for clearing the waste. Otherwise its tax players who ultimately end up paying the removal bill.”

Councillor Jeremy Kite, Leader of the Council said, “This is a great result for Dartford Borough Council.  The very small minority of people who do fly-tip do so at a cost to the entire local community as well as the negative impact it has on the environment. Our Enforcement team will continue to work hard to crack down on the offenders.”

The Chair of the bench thanked Dartford Borough Council for their work and investigation – and summed up by saying – “fly tipping is a serious problem in the County and you, the defendant will learn a costly lesson today.”

For more information please email press@dartford.gov.uk or call 01322 343225.